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HELM: generate certs for all hosts in ingress.tls

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{{- if .Values.ingress.tls }}
  {{- range .Values.ingress.tls }}
      {{- $secretName := .secretName -}}
      {{- range .hosts }}
kind: Certificate
  name: {{ $fullName }}
    - dns01:
        provider: route53
      - {{ . }}
  commonName: ""
  - {{ . }}
    kind: ClusterIssuer
    name: letsencrypt
  secretName: {{ $secretName }}
    {{- end }}
  {{- end }}
{{- end }}

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Autocleaning docker registry

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To remove old images (in my case images can’t be older 14 days) I used and included registry tools to collect garbage.

Make sure you run your registry with REGISTRY_STORAGE_DELETE_ENABLED=true

docker run -d -p -e "REGISTRY_STORAGE_DELETE_ENABLED=true" --restart always \
  --name docker-images-registry \
  -v /srv/registry/data:/var/lib/registry \
  -v /srv/registry/users:/auth/htpasswd registry:2

Now you can delete images

docker run --rm --link docker-images-registry anoxis/registry-cli \
  -r http://docker-images-registry:5000 --delete --keep-by-hours 336 \
  --keep-tags-like latest --digest-method=GET

Ok, use garbage collector

docker stop docker-images-registry

docker run --rm -v /srv/registry/data:/var/lib/registry \
  -v /srv/registry/users:/auth/htpasswd registry:2 \
  bin/registry garbage-collect /etc/docker/registry/config.yml

docker start docker-images-registry

Well done! Take a donut from a shelf.

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Kubernetes RabbitMQ operator

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YES! I made it! Written on Golang with operator-sdk.

Today operator working stable, documentation is coming.

Checkout code here (mirror)

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