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How to make your screen absolutely red for night use with RedShift

№ 11513 В разделе Sysadmin от January 15th, 2022,
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Install RedShift, run:

redshift -o -t 1000:1000 -l 0.0:0.0

To reset:

redshift -x

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Mikrotik: unicode symbols in wifi name (ssid)

№ 11507 В разделе Sysadmin от December 20th, 2021,
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You can’t enter unicode symbols directly in wifi name field in winbox, but it can be done with terminal. This page generates command string with some unicode symbols

For example, you can use popular meme about 5G towers and covid19 “📡 COVID19 5G TEST TOWER ☣”

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MQTT periodic messages on Microtik

№ 11399 В разделе Sysadmin от December 19th, 2021,
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Activate IoT package

Add your MQTT

Create new script

:local broker "home"
:local topic "/router"
:put ("[*] Gathering system info...")
:local cpuLoad [/system resource get cpu-load]
:local freeMemory [/system resource get free-memory]
:local usedMemory ([/system resource get total-memory] - $freeMemory)
:local rosVersion [/system package get value-name=version \
    [/system package find where name ~ "^routeros"]]
:local model [/system routerboard get value-name=model]
:local serialNumber [/system routerboard get value-name=serial-number]
:local upTime [/system resource get uptime]

:local message \

:log info "$message";
:put ("[*] Total message size: $[:len $message] bytes")
:put ("[*] Sending message to MQTT broker...")
/iot mqtt publish broker=$broker topic=$topic message=$message
:put ("[*] Done")

Now create new schedule

Now check out your MQTT messages

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Golang: set variable during build

№ 11467 В разделе Programming от December 12th, 2021,
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Useful to set version or build number. Also you can use embed.


package main

import "fmt"

var MyVariable = "jopa"

func main() {
	fmt.Printf("%s\n", MyVariable)

Build script:


ENVVAR="jopa i piska"

  "-X 'main.MyVariable=${ENVVAR}'"

go build -o testvar -ldflags="${LDFLAGS[*]}" main.go

rm -f ./testvar


$ ./ 
jopa i piska

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