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Backup MySQL в Docker

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# Backup
docker exec CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root --password=root DATABASE > backup.sql

# Restore
cat backup.sql | docker exec -i CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysql -u root --password=root DATABASE

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Made MLP NSFW wallpapers for you, my pretty visitor

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Ideal for your workstation desktop, if you are not pussy, of course.

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Zabbix: notifications to Telegram

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To receive and forward messages to Telegram you need to install my Telegram-post-bot or use docker image. After this you can create script /usr/lib/zabbix/alertscripts/ with this content:

source /etc/profile

json_escape () {
    printf '%s' "$1" | python -c 'import json,sys; print(json.dumps("\""))'

chat_id="-763495760089" # your channel id
post_title=$(json_escape "$1")
post_body=$(json_escape "$2")

echo "{\"chatID\":\"${chat_id}\",\"message\":\"${post_title}\n\n${post_body}\"}" | nc -U /run/telegram-GrapeBlessedBot.sock

You can get your account, group or channel id easily using @get_id_bot.

Now you ready to add new Media type (Administration -> Media types)

Add new media to your account

That’s all folks!

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Zabbix: monitor bash script results

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Install zabbix-agent (sometimes zabbix-sender) package to your server that contains zabbix_sender. Now add some exit codes checks after every monitored command.

source /etc/profile
cd /tmp
weekday=$(date '+%w') # 7 days history
monthday=$(date '+%d') # whole month


pg_dump postgresql://postgres@| gzip > db_backup_$history.sql.gz
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
    echo "pg_dump failed to dump"
    /usr/bin/zabbix_sender -z -s pg2-server -k pgdumper.dump -o failed
    rm -f db_backup_$history.sql.gz
    exit 1
    /usr/bin/zabbix_sender -z -s pg2-server -k pgdumper.dump -o successful
    curl -u ftp_login:ftp_password$history/db_backup_$history.sql.gz \
         --ftp-create-dirs -T db_backup_$history.sql.gz
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]
            echo "curl failed to upload dumped file"
            /usr/bin/zabbix_sender -z -s pg2-server -k pgdumper.upload -o failed
            rm -f db_backup_$history.sql.gz
            exit 1
    /usr/bin/zabbix_sender -z -s pg2-server -k pgdumper.upload -o successful
    rm -f db_backup_$history.sql.gz

Create template

Add your monitored items

And add triggers to raise exceptions

You can combine items in one trigger

Do not forget to activate email notices.

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Электроника 53 в пластиковом корпусе

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Очень красивые, но из-за состояния экрана в мою коллекцию не попали.

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Обнаружил в kubedb код google analytics UA-62096468-20, слежка включена по умолчанию.

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Несложно смог контейнеризовать nginx unit с предзагрузкой конфигурации перед стартом контейнера

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