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Django operator for Kubernetes

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You can run projects with collectstatic and migrations at init stage, provide ENVs, service and pods annotations.

Full Spec:

image specific settings

PullPolicy: imagePullPolicy, default IfNotPresent
Image: string, required, format “image:tag”
Replicas: integer, default 1

manage resources

Read more about resources limiting here

PodRequests: default is empty
PodLimits: default is empty

Affinity and antiaffinity manual

Affinity: default is empty

set annotations to service and pod

ServiceAnnotations: key: value dict, default is empty
PodAnnotations: key: value dict, default is empty

application specific configuration

AppPort: integer, internal application port, default 8000
AppEnv: EnvVar array, default is empty
AppStaticPath: string, path to static files, default /app/static
RunMigrate: bool, run migrations at init stage, default False
RunCollectStatic: bool, run collectstatic at init stage, default False

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WordPress operator for Kubernetes

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Run multiple WordPress instances in your Kubernetes cluster. Use internal or external database. Internal database means a single pod with MariaDB without any replication or clusterization, my WordPress operator is NOT MySQL operator. If you need database high availability use MySQL operator to create cluster.

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Starting MSSQL in Amazon RDS with Terraform

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resource "aws_db_instance" "default_mssql" {
  identifier = "test-mssql"
  final_snapshot_identifier = "test-mssql"
  license_model             = "license-included"
  instance_class = "db.m4.large"
  storage_type              = "gp2"
  engine                    = "sqlserver-se"
  engine_version = "12.00.4422.0.v1"
  vpc_security_group_ids = ["${}"]
  username         = "master_chief"
  password         = "MueQuopdsdSDFG%45esdfgsdf"
  allocated_storage = 50 // not less than 50 Gb
  publicly_accessible = true // if you want to connect remotely
  storage_encrypted = true 
  skip_final_snapshot = true

resource "aws_security_group" "mssql_security_group" {
  name        = "test_mssql_group"
  description = "Allow all inbound traffic"

  ingress {
    from_port   = 1433
    to_port     = 1433
    protocol    = "tcp"
    cidr_blocks = [""]

  egress {
    from_port   = 0
    to_port     = 0
    protocol    = "-1"
    cidr_blocks = [""]


// Identifier of the mssql DB instance.
output "mssql_id" {
  value = "${}"

// Address of the mssql DB instance.
output "mssql_address" {
  value = "${aws_db_instance.default_mssql.address}"

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Require SSL connection to MSSQL in FreeTDS

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MSSQL port 1433 can accept both SSL and non-SSL connections. But how to be ensure? You set host, ca file and encryption options and you see in Wireshark plain text instead of encrypted TLS. I just removed ca file option and it working now. Bug? May be.

Edit freetds.conf:

        host =
        encryption = require

Start capturing in Wireshark again, reconnect to server and now you can see TLS packets

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Zabbix calculated item and abschange (change)

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Last time I wrote to you how monitor your Nginx instance with Zabbix. Now I tell you how to calculate rates from counters.

You looking at something like that in your template

Now create new Item handled

Ok, see at field with formula, it linked with created earlier Item “Nginx Handled”. As said in official documentation abschange shows you a difference between last and current values. Now set Interval to 60 seconds and you have “Handled per minute” value.

Of course, you want to create some Graphics. All people loves graphics!

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Штука, которая в инит контейнере может получить из Vault креды и передать их в контейнер с софтом. Надо будет расковырять ее подробнее на выходных.

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Оказывается Canonical начали предлагать Kubernetes

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hetzner-kube поможет быстро задеплоить Kubernetes кластер на облака Hetzner. Балансировать можно или отдельными виртуалками с nginx, или через DNS

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