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Tracking in kubedb for Kubernetes

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Me and my colleague seriously rewriting kubedb to remove bash pornography and implement new functions required by our production and today I found code with… google tracking and it turned on by default!

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Ansible: switch SSHd to use public key auth only, block password auth

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This task regexps sshd_config for specific option and sets value to yes. If option not found it will be added to the end of file.

Options you want to change:

      PubkeyAuthentication: "yes"
      PasswordAuthentication: "no" 

Now remove from config all options you want to change:

- name: Remove all marked options from config
  become: yes
    path: "{{ sshd_config_path }}"
    state: absent
    regexp: '{{ item.key }}'
  with_dict: "{{ sshd_options }}"
  when: sshd_options != None and sshd_options is defined

Nice, now add your options to sshd config:

- name: Add marked options to config
  become: yes
    path: "{{ sshd_config_path }}"
    state: present
    line: '{{ item.key }} {{ item.value }}'
  with_dict: "{{ sshd_options }}"
  when: sshd_options != None and sshd_options is defined

If you want replace string option:

- name: Set PubkeyAuthentication = yes
  become: yes
    path: /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    regexp: '^PubkeyAuthentication no'
    line: 'PubkeyAuthentication yes'

Full sample here

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Convert PPK to PEM without putty-tools

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Public ppk key to openssh and out to authorized_keys file

ssh-keygen -i -f sergey.ppk >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

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Ansible: централизованное управление ключами на серверах

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Плейбук лежит тут

Конфигурируется элементарно:

      admin: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "root" }
      techguy: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "root" }
      interserver: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "root" }

      interserver: { keypath: "../keys/interserver.pem", username: "root" }

secret_list отвечает за раздачу секретных ключей, они закачиваются в директорию .ssh указанного пользователя и на них выставляются соответствующие права. access_list занимается установкой публичных ключей указанному пользователю. Ну и есть супер ключ, который устанавливается на все сервера чтобы Ansible мог заходить и раздавать права, хотя вы можете и переделать под прошлый парольный век. Внимание! Сгенерируйте ваш собственный superkey! Не нужно пользоваться тем, что я сгенерировал и оставил здесь для демонстрации концепции!

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GIT: sign your commit with GPG

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Yes, you can sign your commits! GIT supports it out of the box.

Sample signed commit
At first, create your secret and public keys, I wrote earlier about it (for english speaking users).

Check your keys gpg --list-keys

Add your fingerprint to your git configuration

$ git config --global user.signingkey A37721C3

Now you can sign your commits!

$ git commit -a -S -m 'fixed bugs, added new'

Here you can read full git documentation about this great feature. Auto-signing of all your commits

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