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Zabbix: monitor days before SSL expired

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I monitor my SSL enabled domains with automatic discovery feature. On server I placed text file with new line separated domain list /etc/zabbix/scripts/ssl_list.txt, zabbix checking it every minute and creating new items with domains. No empty line at the end! Install jq tool to work with JSON.

See archive file at the end.

Create directory /etc/zabbix/scripts and place 2 files inside:, ssl_list.txt.
Copy configuration file for zabbix agent /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/ssl.conf

Now import XML file with template or create discovery rule by hands:

Good! Good! Add new item prototype

And two triggers “expires” and “expired”

Now wait few minutes and you see your domains in latest data

All files you need at once, just import template data in zabbix web interface.


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