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GlusterFS as shared disk between computers

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You working at home and have 2 or more computers with file server somewhere in basement? Samba is an answer to your needs, but I know you want to do some

Typically GlusterFS used in clusters with many nodes to provide stability and high speed but we made it as single node installation with many clients.

Add repository and install glusterfs-server to your home server, glusterfs-client to all client machines. Be sure hostname boroda (or whatever your server is called) added to your local DNS server.

On server create directory for files, I made /srv/glusterfs-shit

Time to gluster volume create shit boroda:/srv/glusterfs-shit force

Disable trash for your shit gluster volume set shit features.trash off

Allow local clients to connect gluster volume set shit auth.allow

Start u’r shit:

gluster volume start shit
gluster volume status shit

On clients you already installed client software, so just mount new volume:

mkdir /media/shit
sudo chown vlad:vlad /media/shit -R
sudo mount.glusterfs boroda:/shit /media/shit
sudo chown vlad:vlad /media/shit -R

Now try to save something and check it on all installed machines.

Make shit permanent

echo 'boroda:/shit /media/shit glusterfs defaults,_netdev 0 0' | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab

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