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Vault secret retrieve and save to JSON file

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I wrote small program to retrieve secrets from Vault and provide them to my PHP and Python apps. ENV variables with connection credentials is useful with Docker containers and even Kubernetes, list of secrets to retrieve can be stored inside Docker image.

Secret stored in Vault

Result file on disk

Source code and binary release

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Tracking in kubedb for Kubernetes

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Me and my colleague seriously rewriting kubedb to remove bash pornography and implement new functions required by our production and today I found code with… google tracking and it turned on by default! Whhyyy they did it and no said about it??! I think patch of this file will not be accepted to upstream.

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Ansible: switch SSHd to use public key auth only, block password auth

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This task regexps sshd_config for specific option and sets value to yes. If option not found it will be added to the end of file.

Options you want to change:

      PubkeyAuthentication: "yes"
      PasswordAuthentication: "no" 

Now remove from config all options you want to change:

- name: Remove all marked options from config
  become: yes
    path: "{{ sshd_config_path }}"
    state: absent
    regexp: '{{ item.key }}'
  with_dict: "{{ sshd_options }}"
  when: sshd_options != None and sshd_options is defined

Nice, now add your options to sshd config:

- name: Add marked options to config
  become: yes
    path: "{{ sshd_config_path }}"
    state: present
    line: '{{ item.key }} {{ item.value }}'
  with_dict: "{{ sshd_options }}"
  when: sshd_options != None and sshd_options is defined

If you want replace string option:

- name: Set PubkeyAuthentication = yes
  become: yes
    path: /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    regexp: '^PubkeyAuthentication no'
    line: 'PubkeyAuthentication yes'

Full sample here

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Convert PPK to PEM without putty-tools

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Public ppk key to openssh and out to authorized_keys file

ssh-keygen -i -f sergey.ppk >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

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Ansible: централизованное управление ключами на серверах

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Плейбук лежит тут

Конфигурируется элементарно:

      admin: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "root" }
      techguy: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "root" }
      interserver: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "root" }

      interserver: { keypath: "../keys/interserver.pem", username: "root" }

secret_list отвечает за раздачу секретных ключей, они закачиваются в директорию .ssh указанного пользователя и на них выставляются соответствующие права. access_list занимается установкой публичных ключей указанному пользователю. Ну и есть супер ключ, который устанавливается на все сервера чтобы Ansible мог заходить и раздавать права, хотя вы можете и переделать под прошлый парольный век. Внимание! Сгенерируйте ваш собственный superkey! Не нужно пользоваться тем, что я сгенерировал и оставил здесь для демонстрации концепции!

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