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NTP driven clock on ESP8266 and TM1640 (+ отдельная версия для Томска с погодой)

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About 8 years ago I created wall clock with bluetooth synced time. Ok, its enough. Lets go to modern world with universal wifi driven devices! Today I trashed old AVR microcontroller from wall clock and used esp8266. 8 MHz and 80MHz… feel difference! At first steps I used ESP-12 NodeMCU module to develop and debug firmware. You can do final device with this module if you absolutely novice in mcu programming, if not you can do it with ESP-01 module.

If you want get own weather from service like OpenWeatherMap use xml library, look here example.

Do not forget turn on SPIFFS 1M option in Arduino IDE. At first run device will turn on own AP with configuring interface, connect it to your wifi network. With ESP-01 modules vendored by Puya problem, SPIFFS is not accessible! Saving parameters works only with ESP-12. This problem must be solved in future SDK versions.

Download source code

Wiring for NodeMCU ESP-12 development board

Wiring for ESP-01 board

Final device after moving to ESP-01

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