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Postgres backup to FTP from Docker or directly, see examples

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You can easily dump your Postgresql database from Docker container or directly and you have 2 ways to do it. First variant more dangerous, depends on internet connection, but not requires a lot of disk space. Second variant more stable, but if free space suddenly is out your backup will be failed. You can add error checking and reporting to Zabbix like here.

Variant 1: stream backing up file to FTP (directly)

source /etc/profile
weekday=$(date '+%w')
pg_dump postgresql:// | gzip | curl -u ftplogin:ftppassword \$weekday/db_backup.sql.gz --ftp-create-dirs -T -

Variant 2: dump to local host, upload and delete local file (from Docker)

source /etc/profile



weekday=$(date '+%w') # 7 days history

docker exec -it pg-slave-server su -c "pg_dump postgresql://${db_user}:${db_pass}@${db_host}:${db_port}/${db_name}" \
    postgres |gzip -7 > /tmp/db_backup_${db_name}_${history}.sql.gz
curl --upload-file /tmp/db_backup_${db_name}_${history}.sql.gz ftp://${ftp_user}:${ftp_pass}@${ftp_serv}/
rm -f /tmp/db_backup_${db_name}_${history}.sql.gz

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