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Django operator for Kubernetes

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You can run projects with collectstatic and migrations at init stage, provide ENVs, service and pods annotations.

Full Spec:

image specific settings

PullPolicy: imagePullPolicy, default IfNotPresent
Image: string, required, format “image:tag”
Replicas: integer, default 1

manage resources

Read more about resources limiting here

PodRequests: default is empty
PodLimits: default is empty

Affinity and antiaffinity manual

Affinity: default is empty

set annotations to service and pod

ServiceAnnotations: key: value dict, default is empty
PodAnnotations: key: value dict, default is empty

application specific configuration

AppPort: integer, internal application port, default 8000
AppEnv: EnvVar array, default is empty
AppStaticPath: string, path to static files, default /app/static
RunMigrate: bool, run migrations at init stage, default False
RunCollectStatic: bool, run collectstatic at init stage, default False

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WordPress operator for Kubernetes

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Run multiple WordPress instances in your Kubernetes cluster. Use internal or external database. Internal database means a single pod with MariaDB without any replication or clusterization, my WordPress operator is NOT MySQL operator. If you need database high availability use MySQL operator to create cluster.

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scheme.AddGeneratedDeepCopyFuncs undefined

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pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:22:15: scheme.AddGeneratedDeepCopyFuncs undefined 
(type *"".Scheme has 
no field or method AddGeneratedDeepCopyFuncs)

pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:23:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:27:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:31:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:35:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:39:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:43:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:47:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:51:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:55:3: undefined: conversion.GeneratedDeepCopyFunc
pkg/apis/redis/v1/zz_generated.deepcopy.go:55:3: too many errors
^Cmake: *** [Makefile:14: bin/redis] Interrupt 

Update versions of client-go, api and apimachinery. Install code generation tools.

go get
go get
cd ~/go/src/
go install ./cmd/{defaulter-gen,client-gen,lister-gen,informer-gen,deepcopy-gen}

Now rebuild project.

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Splash: how to change user-agent with Lua in Bash

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Before start install jq application, required to work with JSON, used to prepare lua script for sending to Splash API.

Create file named splash.lua

function main(splash, args)
  splash:set_user_agent('Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 2_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/525.18.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.1 Mobile/5H11 Safari/525.20')
  splash:set_viewport_size(800, 600)
  return splash:png()

Create bash script


JSON="{\"lua_source\":$(jq -Rs . < script.lua)}"

curl -s -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "${JSON}" \
   "" -o out.png

Check result image

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